Mr. Cone

Now you have even more reasons to stick around your favorite ice cream stand – Mr. Cone now serves a wonderful selection of food, too! If you're not in the mood for ice cream or milkshakes, stop in for a juicy burger, sandwiches, grinders, snacks, hot slice of pizza, fast food and more. Take a look at our menu for lunch and dinner and find something you'll really love.

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Delicious Bites


Quality ingredients. Excellent prices.

Mr. Cone treats meals the same way as ice cream: Only the finest ingredients go in, and only the best food comes out. And with such low prices, you and your wallet with both be smiling.

You'll love the variety

Stop in for a meal that you and every member of the family is sure to love. For a full list of options you'll find on the menu, stop in today or give us a call.

Join our family!

You'll love coming to Mr. Cone. That's because Mr. Cone goes the extra mile to make you feel like family. And with so many great flavors, your tastebuds will be singing!


Delicious Options

Juicy Burger