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Experience the #1 reason Chicopee loves Mr. Cone: The homemade hard serve ice cream. Enjoy a cone of your favorite flavors, a bowl of pure delight, or ask for a spoonful to sample a new flavor! After generations of service, Mr. Cone's recipe has only gotten better with time. Stop in and give your taste buds the ride of their lives!

Hard Serve

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You'll love Mr. Cone's homemade soft serve ice cream so much, you'll belly up to the counter for seconds! No matter what the weather is, Mr. Cone's smooth, rich soft serve will make everything better than they already are. Sundae, frozen yogurt and other desserts are great for a late snack, a little league party, or a just-because treat! Bring in some friends and relax.

With great ice cream comes great milk shakes. That's a truth you'll discover when you sip on a cold, thick milk shake from Mr. Cone! With plenty of flavors to choose from, you'll love sitting down and enjoying a rich milk shake with the people you care about. Find out why Chicopee says Mr. Cone makes the best milk shakes in the state!

Sweet Treats


Soft Serve

Milk Shakes